October 13, 2011

Fantasy Makeup

1.) Pan's Labyrinth
To create The Pale Man's hands for Pan's Labyrinth, we would use a mixture of prosthetics, wax and makeup. Obviously I'm still a beginner and there are probably loads of fancy materials that the movie makeup artists use that I'm still not aware of, but it could be done simply using wax. First, I would apply the eyes to the hands (possibly by glueing them down with eyelash glue), then, for the eyelids, apply derma wax to the top and bottom of the eye, and blend thoroughly. This would also help hold the eye in place. From there, the skin could be painted accordingly. For his fingers, I assume they've used prosthetic pieces to elongate his fingers, and painted them black to give a really creepy effect.

2.) Hellboy II: The Golden Army
 To achieve Princess Nuala's look from Hellboy II, a very pale foundation would be applied. Her eyebrows would either be bleached then covered with foundation or a layer of wax would be applied to hide them. Then, she would be fitted with coloured contact lenses and brown/sand eyeshadow would be used on her lids and extended up to the eyebrow and across to the temple. A slightly more orangey plum colour has been applied in the corner of her eyes and extended down to give her an ethereal look. Her eyes are also lined along the upper and lower lashlines with a slightly darker brown to define her eyes. To make her cheekbones stand out, a dark brown colour is used to give the shape of her face more definiton. To create the markings on her face, the makeup artist will have used a very thin brush to apply, and set the whole face with powder to remove any shine.

3.) Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
To create Shaak Ti's look, the entire face and neck would be painted red, leaving two largs ovals around the eyes to fill in the white area and the red marks above her eyes. The eyes themselves are left almost bare, with just a little reddish-plum eyeliner on her lower lashline - this makes her black contact lenses really stand out. Her cheeks are shaded with dark shadow to make her cheekbones really stand out - this also makes her eyes look bigger. Her lips are lined with a similar shade, and filled in with a pale lip colour. A large part of this look involves jewellery - as you can see from the picture, there are chains that go round her cheeks and meet in the middle of her forehead on a large pendant. These are attached to prosthetic spikes on her hairline, which would be applied with some kind of adhesive to keep them in place. Her horned headpiece covers her hair, which would be secured to the head and hidden under a stocking cap. The headpiece is probably made from plastic, foam or silicone (something lightweight) and painted accordingly to finish the look off.

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