October 13, 2011

Special Effects - Burns Assessment!

This week I did my assessment, and again did a hand burn, but on the opposite side because I felt that the oils in the palm of the hand (that I did on Debbie - see previous post!) made it difficult to blend the colours. My scenario for this was a bit more simple - Holly's house was on fire and she got burned while trying to escape. I wanted it to look really charred and burned, and Mo said the end result was very realistic! Take a look:
This was, by far, my favourite burn - I'm glad my assessment went so well! I have another picture where I wrapped a bandage around her hand but the one above is better quality. As before, it is a mixture of greasepaints, latex, collodium and gelatin. I felt like I really got the hang of tearing and peeling the latex - it turned out exactly the way I wanted, and I really loved using black greasepaint on the peeled areas to make it look really gory. Although at one point, I almost cut Holly's real skin with the scissors - that latex sure is realistic!
I'm really pleased about passing my burns assessment. Next we're moving on to cuts and bruises, so look out for that!

Gill :)

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