October 13, 2011

Hairdressing - Dry Setting

In hairdressing we were working on new techniques for Dry Setting. This basically means setting the hair without washing it, so in this example I'll cover curling with straighteners, and Velcro rollers. I did both of these on a tuition head, although I'm eager to practice on one of the girls soon!

Curling with straighteners is really simple and creates a lovely result. As before, how tight the curls are depends on the size of the sections. I was going for loose curls so I used slightly larger sections. Take a look!

The style was achieved by simply starting at the root and twisting the straighteners so the hair wraps round, then pulling it through the hair slowly. Because my model's hair was quite long, I rolled the straighteners back up when I got to the end of the hair, to create a little extra curl. The hair turned out really nice, I think this style would be good to style further, into an updo, for example.

We then moved on to Dry Setting using rollers - the choice was to use either Velcro or heated rollers, however I chose velcro. I had never used rollers before and Elaine made it look so easy! It was a bit fiddly at first but I got the hang of it after a while. This technique is really quick and simple - the rollers stay in by themselves, and they can be left in for as long as needed. This is the work in progress:

As you can see, the rollers come in a variety of sizes. My model's hair was quite short so for some areas I had to use smaller rollers. But the desired effect is to create lift and volume in a short period of time, so once I had sprayed the head and left it for about 20 minutes (while I went to get a cup of tea) here's how it turned out:

Originally her hair was quite flat, but the rollers gave the hair a noticeable lift. This look could be used for daytime or night time, it's a really quick technique and turns out really nice!

While we were in class yesterday, Elaine told us about Unconventional Setting - this is basically setting the hair using unusual products such as Coke cans, pencils, rulers, rags, etc. Different looks are achieved depending on what is used, and we're going to be researching this for the next few weeks before trying it for ourselves. I decided to have a go at creating zigzags with a pin while there was time left in class. Using a U-shaped pin (the kind used to hold rollers in place), I took small sections of hair and put the pin at the root, then I wrapped the hair round the legs in a figure of 8 motion, and pulled it really tight. I then set it by holding the straighteners on the area for 10 seconds, and when I took it out it looked crazy!
I did it a few more times and it came out really well - it's similar to crimping but obviously takes longer. To do this over her whole head would take ages, but I really love the effect!

The real problem came when I tried to brush the style out, however....
With one sweep of a comb she look like she'd just licked a socket...I used a brush to try and flatten it down but it just got bigger and bigger. There wasn't any time left in class so I just had to abandon all hope and put her back in the bag. Apologies and good luck to whoever gets this head next!!


Gill :)

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