November 18, 2011

Character Makeup - Theatre assessment

This week in Character class we were using the time to catch up on assessments that we had missed, so I decided to do my Straight Theatre assessment. I found the Theatre makeup more difficult to do than the TV makeup because you have to enchance the features to a greater extreme, as people are looking at the actor from a greater distance. But you have to be careful not to take it too far. The first time I tried this the skin was too orange, and my model looked like she'd been Tango'd!
With practise though, I managed to get the hang of it - even the intricate and fiddly eyeliner on the top and bottom lashlines. Here is the finished result, on Melissa:
 I'm happy with how the look turned out, now all I have to do is the Straight TV and Theater looks on a male model. But that will have to wait til another catch up day!

Gill :) x

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