November 01, 2011

Halloween Characters

1.) Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Sally's look can be created simply using makeup. Her face is really pale, so I would use white greasepaint with a hint of blue in it, to give extra depth. Because the character was made with plasticine, her face is really flat - but if I was creating this look for someone I would use navy or dark grey colours on the cheeks to accentuate the cheekbones and create a sunken effect. I would use the same colour on the crease of her eyes and take it upwards towards the brow to make her eyes look bigger but sunken, and I would cover the eyebrows to give her a creepy effect. Sally has massive eyelashes, so I would use fake eyelashes and clump them together so they looked really long and spidery. For her lips, I would paint them a dark wine coloue and accentuate the cupid's bow, and the stitches by her mouth could be created simply with black greasepaint and a thin brush.

2.) Creepy Ventriloquist Dummy

Ventriloquist dummies are really creepy, and always effective for Halloween. The makeup for this is relatively simple to do, and it's all about accentuating the eyes. As you can see from the picture, his eyes are really big and staring (this is probably what makes them so freaky!), so this can be acheived with clever shading. Firstly, I'd make the skin really pale and add freckles on to the cheeks. I'd add dark shading under the cheeks to make them look really round, and accentuate the apples using very subtle pale pink blusher.
To make the face look extra sculpted and plastic-looking, I'd add shading down the nose and make the eyebrows really black and sculpted. I'd also shade down the space above the cupid's bow. Using the same dark colour, I'd add shadow round the eyes - instead of applying it straight on to the lashlines, I'd leave a white space then start shading. This will make the eyes look really big and bright, like doll's eyes. I'd also apply fake eyelashes to the top and bottom for extra effect. For the lips, I'd use a bright true red and apply it generously to the lip, accentuating the cupid's bow. To create the chin, I'd simply use black greasepaint or eyeliner and set the whole thing with powder to it stays in place.

3.) Nosferatu

The ultimate movie monster, and a really great look to create with makeup! The actor would have to wear a bald cap to cover his hair, and this would be blended seamlessly with his skin. For the face, I would have to use a mixture of makeup and prosthetics. I'd start by making the skin really pale with a slight yellowy tinge. I'd also make the eyebrows look really dark and thick (this could all be done using greasepaints, and set with powder). For his eyes, I'd simply line them with black pencil and make it look really smoky by using a smudger brush. I'd enhance the dark circles under his eyes by using grey greasepaint, blend it and set with powder. Finally, prosthetic ears and a prosthetic nose would be fitted, along with a set of large, sharp teeth (which would stand out better by making his lips the same colour as his skin) to finish this horrifying look!

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