November 10, 2011

Special Effects - Cuts & Bruises 2

This week in Special Effects class was our last practice before next week's assessment. The assessment is a car accident scenario, so Mo was encouraging us to visualise the injuries we were creating in a realistic mindset - in other words, the injuries have to connect and work together. It wouldn't be realistic to have random injuries dotted over the body, because in a car accident there would be a specific point of impact on a certain side of the body, and is this which we have to try and create. Last week, for example, Mo praised Debbie and myself for creating injuries that had a story behind them and worked together.

I decided this week to create the illusion of a broken bone, because I feel I'm quite confident creating cuts and bruises. I haven't decided what kind of injuries I'll be doing for my assessment yet - more research is required! - but I felt I had to practice something different to give me more options. So I created a broken wrist on my glamorous model, Euan. Here it is, with and without flash:
I wanted to make it look really swollen, so I created the broken part with dermawax, and blended a flesh coloured tone over the top, and a dab of white right in the middle to give the illusion that the bone is pressing against the skin. I added mostly red, purple,blue and green greasepaints around the swelling to make it look really sore and bruised! It was difficult to blend around the wax without accidentally moving it or smearing bits, but I found that it was easier to mix the colours using a brush and sponge rather than my fingers.

I was happy with the outcome and Mo said it looked very realistic, so I feel it was a success!

Next week we'll be down in the car park with Police tape and a bucketload of fake blood to create our accident scenario...Stay tuned for the pictures!

Gill :) x


  1. Sorry Gill that last post was a test! As you know I love your blog, fantastic info!! x

  2. Haha, at least you know the comments work! Love your blog too :) xx