November 03, 2011

Hairdressing - Unconventional Setting

In Hairdressing this week we were having a go at unconventional setting - this basically involves setting the hair (dry) using unusual products, such as Coke cans, pencils, rulers, etc. We're being encouraged to think outside the box and create a look with objects found around the house, which really interests me because I like the creativity involved!
We use a variety of items - wrapped in foil if they aren't fire-proof! - along with hair straighteners to set the look, and yesterday I practiced with a makeup brush on Leeanne's hair. I thought a makeup brush would be good to use for our overall looks, because I like the idea of using the same tools on the model's face and hair.

At first I found it a bit fiddly, because I had to wrap sections of her hair round the brush and hold it in place while setting, and it was hard getting my stride at first, but once I got into it I found it to be fun and it turned out really pretty!
Leeanne's long hair was perfect to practise on, and the technique gave her hair a wavy/tousled effect. I think the style would hold better and for longer with some kind of setting spray or mousse. I plan on trying a few different items and experimenting with different looks - I've got a few ideas up my sleeve!
Unconventional setting is really fun to do because the items can be used in different ways, so you're never sure what the hair will turn out like, and all kinds of crazy effects can be created!

Gill :) x

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  1. That hair style is beautiful. I love how it's so natural looking.