November 18, 2011

Wig Making - Blocking and Setting

Last time, I explained how to block a wig so it can be washed and set. I'm really getting the hang of blocking - I can do it quite quickly now!
Once the wig is secured tightly to the block, it is then washed. It is done normally with shampoo and conditioner, but you have to be careful not to completely submerge the malleable block. It is protected with cling film, but if water gets in the sawdust starts to go mouldy and the block loses its rigidity.

Here is my blocked and washed wig:
 Next, we set the wig using metal rollers and stonkers to secure them in place. Metal rollers are used because the set is dried using a wig oven, so plastic materials would melt. The metal ones are also better at holding heat. Obviously, if we were setting a normal head we wouldn't use stonkers to secure the rollers, but since this is just a sawdust head so we aren't hurting anyone!

This is the wig once rollers have been fitted:
This is a traditional brick set, but depending on what character is trying to be created, different setting techniques can be used. I placed my head in the wig oven for about 20 minutes, then when I took it out and removed the rollers there were lovely curls all over the head :)

Not bad for a first attempt!

Gill x

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