September 22, 2011

Character Makeup - Straight TV 2

This is my second attempt at Straight TV makeup, again it's the female version!
I worked with Shona this time, and she has a longer face and slightly darker skin compared to Debbie, so despite it being the same look it was great to practise it on a different person as I had to find slightly different products. I decided to do roughly the same shape on the eye, as I feel it really opens the eye with the right amount of blending and colour applicaton. I did a few things slightly differently, as I took note of Bella's tips from last time!

Take a look at the picture, with and without flash:

Unlike last time, I applied a small amount of dark brown (almost black) eyeshadow along Shona's upper lashline to really bring out her eyes - this look is subtle but very effective. I also took Bella's advice from before and lined Shona's lips along the top and bottom. Combined with the slightly darker pink areas at the corners of her mouth, this gave her lips extra fullness and enhanced her natural shape.
I also applied mascara to her top and bottom lashes, which I feel really finishes the look off.

In the photos without flash, Shona looks a bit pale - I applied a pinky peach blusher to add warmth to the skin and bring out her lovely cheekbones, but I think I need to add a little more next time.
Overall though, I am happier this time with how the look turned out, in particular the eye look. I always like to blend outwards and upwards to open the eyes, and the winged effect makes Shona's eyes look much wider. I also managed to keep the eyes more natural this time, particularly in the crease, where Bella said it was too dark last time.

Maybe next time I would add a small amount of foundation under her eyes in a slightly paler shade to remove any dark shadows, but in general I'm really happy with my final result. I'll be ready for assessment next week I think! :)

More to come soon!


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