September 27, 2011

Style Icons

When Emma asked us to research our style icons I found it quite difficult because I don't particularly idolise people simply because of what they wear or what they look like - I look up to people because of their talent, humility, grace and personality. I've never really thought about who my style icons are because I tend to just wear what I suit and what I'm comfortable in. Like everyone else, my mood changes all the time and my clothes and makeup reflect that! So, instead of "style icons", here are some people I think are beautiful :)

Anne Hathaway

Anne's look calls back to the screen sirens of the Hollywood Golden Age, in that she always maintains a classy, elegant and feminine style. She always chooses outfits which are on-trend but classic, and she always dresses to flatter her womanly shape – it is this which gives her style a timeless feel. Her chestnut colouring combined with her flawless, pale skin means she suits almost any makeup look. The look I favour most on her is a black lined eye with classic red lips, however she can also carry off a more toned down look due to her natural beauty. Her large brown eyes and full, heart-shaped lips are the perfect canvas for any makeup artist.

Drew Barrymore

Drew inspires me because, like Anne Hathaway, she always looks classy and feminine and keeps her style unpretentious and down to earth. However, Drew always has a quirky edge to her various looks, which she carries through both casual and formal occasions. She always looks on-trend, but at the same time she keeps her style fresh and original by allowing her quirky taste to shine through. She has a very unique and unusual face, which is ideal for any kind of makeup – her lips in particular suit almost any shade. Her pale skin, fair colouring, stunning face and relaxed, kooky style makes her, in my opinion, the ultimate underrated beauty.

Marilyn Monroe
For me, Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate woman – she had the classic hourglass figure, an unforgettable face and a style all of her own. Her long, dark eyelashes, statement red lips and cascading blonde curls have proved to stand the test of time – even now, modern starlets such as Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson have emulated her style, and her simple but glamorous look has never gone out of fashion. Her flawless skin, expressive eyes and megawatt smile meant that she did not need much makeup or styling to look beautiful, in fact some of the most iconic photos of her are more relaxed and intimate. Despite this, she suits almost any style; from ultra-glam on the red carpet, to casual in relaxed photoshoots, to outrageous, glitzy costumes seen in movies such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She was unique in that her style defined her – this was not always a good thing, as she almost became a caricature of herself when in fact she was more shy and vulnerable behind the scenes than people expected. However, her look became synonymous with glamour, femininity, strength and sex, and to me she is an icon because no other woman in the 20th century made such an impact on the world of fashion and beauty as Marilyn did.

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