September 29, 2011

Special Effects - Burns 2

Last Wednesday I did my second attempt at a skin burn. It turned out really good in the end, but getting there was difficult as I had a bit of a Gelatin disaster halfway through! I was trying to create burnt scabs but they stuck out too much so they looked really fake. I managed to remove them and redo the area but I was worried because it took more time than would be allocated for assessments. Here's the picture and I'll explain the effect I was going for!

So this was another fire burn, and this time I wanted the first few layers of skin to look like they had peeled back to reveal the flesh underneath. I used plenty of latex and folded it back, then sealed it with collodium - this also made the skin around the wound look crinkly, and some parts even started hanging off and flaking which added to the effect! I applied plenty of black colour on the skin to make it look really charred and dead.

For the wound inside, I was trying to create scabbing but it didn't work - when I took the Gelatin off I redid the area with bright reds and applied a layer of vaseline to make it look shiny and sore, and again applied some collodium which was painted black to add more texture.

Hope you like!

Gill :)

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