September 22, 2011

Hairdressing - Barrel Curls

In our second hairdressing class we learned how to do Barrel Curls. This method is not unlike Pin Curling, in that the hair is wound round the fingers and secured at the root. Also, like Pin Curling, the desired effect can be changed depending on the size of the sections used.

I found this process to be very frustrating! I definitely found it more difficult than Pin Curling - as I stated in my previous Hairdressing post, I have very clumsy fingers and I struggled with this even more with the Barrel Curls. I will need more practice, as they were a bit messy at first, but the end result made it worthwhile.

As you can see, the Barrel Curls are named because they are pinned in this shape. As with Pin Curling, the hair is wound round the finger(s), but instead of then being pinned flat against the head, I took my fingers out while holding the shape and pushed the pin through the bottom of the curl to secure it in place. It turned out a bit messy, and I wasn't happy with the size of the barrels I had created, but I plan on practising a bit more - I can pin curl much better/faster after a few attempts so hopefully I'll get better at barrels too!

Here is the finished result:

The curls turned out more like waves, but next time I'll make my sections smaller and try to tidy up my technique in order to get a better result :)


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