September 29, 2011

Special Effects - Burns 3

Yesterday I did my burns pre-assessment, and - good news! - Mo told me I'm ready to be assessed :) She was judging us on our product knowledge, time management, understanding of colour and overall result, so I'm really happy that she said I'm doing well on all those things. The scenario for our assessments is a house fire, so again I decided to do a fire burn. It went really well, I even managed to finish before the allocated time was up!

Mo recommended we have a back story to our burns so we can fully understand the kind of effect we want to end up with. So, I decided that Debbie was straightening her hair and dropped the straighteners - but instead of letting them fall she caught them by the blades and one of them burned her hand.

Take a look!

In my camera's light it looks quite brown, but I really layered on the black to emphasise how badly burned the skin is. I used a mixture of greasepaints, latex, tuplast, collodium and vaseline to create the overall look.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out, especially the way the skin is peeling around the wound! Can't wait to do my assessment now, I'm feeling quite confident about it :)

Hope you like it!

Gill :)

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