September 29, 2011

Wig Making - Wig Wraps

This is my first ever post about Wig Making class, because we've really just been practising over the last few weeks! But I did my Wig Wrap assessment on Monday and I passed :) More good news!

Wig wraps are essentially a mould of the head which are passed to wig makers, and they are made so the actor's wig fits them perfectly.
We start by pin curling the entire head, using kirby grips. We use kirby grips because they act as an achor for the wig, and they must always face towards the back of the head so as not to damage the lining of the wig. The hair at the front of the head is pin curled away from the hairline, so we can properly measure the hairline and so the hair at the front is pulled out of the way.

Once this is finished, we lay a large sheet of cling film over the head - usually the client helps hold it in place - and secure it at the nape of the neck and forehead with sellotape to hold it in place. From there, the process of moulding begins. The head is essentially taped all over so the shape of the head can be created. This is done by applying a few layers of tape. At the end, the shape of the head should be clearly defined, and there should be some excess cling film at the forehead, nape and ears - if, when applying tape, the cling film shrinks back and stops covering the hairline, then a larger sheet is required over the top.

Finally, we use marker pen to draw round the hairline. This process has to be exact, so that the wig will fit accurately and cover the original hair properly. From there, the excess cling film is cut off and we are left with a head-shaped mould which should fit the head, cover all hair and be tight enough to stay on.

Here's my wig wrap I did on John:

As you can see, the entire hairline is covered at the front to hide his natural hair. The wrap was done quite tightly, but not enough to be uncomfortable - this is seen in the top picture, the wrap fits snugly on his head.

I'm happy I passed the assessment, especially because I had been off and missed the demonstration!

More to come soon :)


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